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The Right Cash Security for Your Government Organisation

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20 Apr 2020

The Right Cash Security for Your Government Organisation

Despite the growing popularity of mobile payments, cash is still being heavily used by consumers across the country. Many people are still using cash to pay for government fees such as taxes, parking tickets, court fees, and more. This use of cash creates a need to effectively manage cash intake for efficient daily operations in government facilities.

Protecting Personal Information and Cash

Government organisations often require several layers of security for protecting personal information, as well as for eliminating any opportunity for loss or mishandled cash. These various layers of security typically begin at the physical point of entry and include additional protective measures throughout the building.

By outsourcing to a cash management provider such as Brink’s, government organisations can incorporate a stronger element of security into their operations. Keeping this in mind, it is crucial to work with a trusted provider whose personnel are properly trained, as this will ensure that all cash and valuables are protected with the highest security standards.

For this reason, a cash management provider should include the following security features to ensure the highest level of protection for your organisation.



Since the nature of government work can be highly sensitive and confidential, it is imperative that all personnel handling valuables are properly trained. Brink’s Messenger training includes the following elements:

  • Firearms
  • Defence Driving
  • Security
  • Safety
  • Customer Service

The training provided to your cash management personnel should enable them to securely transport your cash and valuables, meet and exceed industry standards, and comply with all government regulations.


In addition to being fully trained, the cash management personnel entering a government organisation should be completely vetted. For this reason, the cash management provider must conduct background checks and drug screenings to verify employee history.

All background checks and drug tests should be performed by a trusted third party. Additionally, employees may be required to undergo a medical examination, as well as a polygraph test, where permitted by law. Administering these tests enables cash management providers to ensure that their employees are properly suited for the job. If an applicant fails any one of these tests, they automatically will not meet the eligibility requirements for employment.


For government organisations, it is crucial to know exactly who is on the premises at all times. This security measure includes the presence of Brink’s Messengers on site. As an additional security measure, all Brink’s employees wear a consistent, specific identification badge that remains visible as they are working. The badge includes a photograph of the Messenger and is worn on the vest for easy identification.

To ensure the accuracy of these badges, all identification cards are produced in one central location. The limited number of employees authorised to manufacture the identification cards helps to eliminate the potential for error.

Ensure the Highest Level of Security at Your Organisation

Recent evidence shows that cash used for government organisations is here to stay. Consequently, organisations responsible for collecting fines, bills, and government fees should be prepared to manage their cash intake with the right security measures. In selecting the right cash management provider with the highest security standards for their personnel, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the cash and valuables in your facility are well-protected.

Entrust Your Cash Management to Brink’s (CTA)

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